How do I get a certificate of completion?

At the completion of your continuing education session your time spent with us, 6-hours, will be submitted to the Division of Continuing Education at the University of South Carolina (USC) for processing. All participants must receive their certificates of completion from USC before they can be considered compliant with continuing education requirements for renewal of their license. Please allow 14 working days for initial processing, meaning as a provider of continuing education we will submit all information pending participant login date online. 

Why am I receiving this online continuing education class?

The South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology statutes and regulations indicate that your license expires biennially (2 years). After your first renewal, all Nail Technicians and Cosmetologist are required to complete a total of 12 continuing education contact hours. You may complete a maximum of 6 hours online.

What will I learn from this class?

This Online class have three sessions, professional, salon, and business development. Each session has its own purpose(s), objectives, and key points. The learning objectives represent the anticipated learnings of the overall class. These objectives are reflected in your self-assessments. The Online class includes three hours (51%) of safety, health, and sanitation.

Session One, Professional Development Update includes:

1. South Carolina safety, health, and sanitation update

2. What's Trending (salon protection and infection control, hand washing, and hepatitis) podcasting and video

3. Self-Assessments

Session Two, Salon Development includes:

1. Breathing zones

2. Preventing over exposure

3. What's Trending (Pedicures and the Diabetic)

4. Self-Assessments

Session Three, Business Development includes:

1. Employee -vs- Employer

2. Small Business Taxes: The Virtual Workshop

3. What's Trending (Salon average prices, S.M.A.R.T. goals)

4. USC Evaluation Form