Nail Technology: Professional, Salon and Business Development Continuing Education Class

South Carolina Association of Cosmetic Arts (SCACA)

At the completion of your continuing education session your time spent with us, 6-hours, will be submitted to the Division of Continuing Education at the University of South Carolina (USC) for processing. All participants must receive their certificates of completion from USC before they can be considered compliant with continuing education requirements for renewal of their license. Please allow 14 working days for initial processing, meaning as a provider of continuing education we will submit all information pending participant login date online.

Course Content: Safety, Sanitation, and Health

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4 Quizzes
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Louise  Redd
Louise Redd

South Carolina Association of Cosmetic Arts

South Carolina Association of Cosmetic Arts is a non-profit association dedicated to “making a difference through education” for Nail Technicians and  the Cosmetologist. This association was founded in 1996; SCACA Alumni, an organization of former students who have become independent contractors, teachers, and business owners across the State of South Carolina.

Today you are working towards biennial license renewal. According to South Carolina regulations,  “all persons licensed by the board of cosmetology as a nail technician or cosmetologist, must show satisfactory evidence of 12 contact hours, or units, of instruction. As a reminder, the time spent on today will only provide 6 contact hours  online. If, you have not taken a face-2-face class with us prior to this online class, then, you will need 6 more contact hours in a face-to-face continuing education class, also known as CEU’s. If you have not taken your face-to-face CEU class, then, the South Carolina Association of Cosmetic Arts invites you to participate in our upcoming 6 hour face-to-face continuing education class at locations provided on our web page